Amy .. Also known as Webbo, Gingebeano, Webbosaw!!

I am 19
A christian
A sister, Daughter, Friend, Girlfriend, partner in crime
and Lover of music <3

I am random, spontaneous and a tad reckless. I sometimes make the wrong decisions but am working on not making them again.

I love my friends, they are everything to me.

I love my Boyfriend Rich, Brother Stuey and Adopted daughter Caitlin. :P

I Crave Honesty and trust, my weakness is letting myself get into situations where I am hurt. :/
My strengths, that I am never alone, and can always get through these situations.

Thats about it really. I am not a very interesting person yet very random funny and sometimes painfull things happen to me.. eg.. I nutted a cashpoint today.

Getting organised!
No words can describe!
Meeting  our African brothers and sisters and hearing about their experiences in #christian #churches. Brilliant vibrant morning in church
:) beautiful musicalness
Jasonschnoogs new drum! From the scariest place ever
Cream tea with Becky Ward. Really good day.
#letitbeknown Aww Jason drum time
Toasted sesame sees bagel with cream cheese. #yum #yesplease
I can see you!
How buzzing am I. New bible came. Physio appointment came. College fiasco sorted. Dare I say it.  Things are looking up. #godisgood. #answeredprayers. #prettybible #superknees