Amy .. Also known as Webbo, Gingebeano, Webbosaw!!

22 year old Christian Nursery nurse from Tamworth.

My favourite things... My squishy <3
Tea <3, Gingerbread Lattes, vegetable crisps, Malcolm my saxophone, music. Sunshine, owls, foxes and other woodland creatures, fruit and murder mysteries.

Grammy knees are on the mend!

Getting organised!
No words can describe!
Meeting  our African brothers and sisters and hearing about their experiences in #christian #churches. Brilliant vibrant morning in church
:) beautiful musicalness
Jasonschnoogs new drum! From the scariest place ever
Cream tea with Becky Ward. Really good day.
#letitbeknown Aww Jason drum time
Toasted sesame sees bagel with cream cheese. #yum #yesplease
I can see you!
How buzzing am I. New bible came. Physio appointment came. College fiasco sorted. Dare I say it.  Things are looking up. #godisgood. #answeredprayers. #prettybible #superknees